Ray J is doing his best to stay out of the dog house following recent marital drama with his wife, Princess Love.

The 38-year-old appeared on Wednesday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show and opened up about the pair's reconciliation after a messy spat in Las Vegas that nearly led them to divorce!

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As we've been reporting, the drama began when Ray's very pregnant spouse alleged he ditched her after the Soul Train Awards to party with other women, leaving the momma-of-one stranded without an acceptable way of getting back to Los Angeles.

When Wendy Williams asked the reality TV star if he was still married following the drama in Sin City, he replied:


Ray then proceeded to profess his love for his baby momma and gave a cute shoutout to their daughter, Melody Norwood. He said:

"Hey, Princess! I love you, baby if you're watching. Hey, Melody. I love you. I love y'all. I'll be home soon."

Laying it on thick, huh?

During the interview, Wendy did not hold back and told her guest the whole allegedly leaving his nine-months pregnant wife stranded situation was "not a good look."

Ray J Gets Grilled By Wendy Williams & Finally Admits He Left Wife Princess Love Stranded!_1

However, the One Wish rapper fired back and insisted he would "never leave" his wife and baby.

"I'll die first before I leave them on the side of the road."

Or, alone at a hotel without any clear knowledge of your whereabouts. You forgot that part, buddy!

Ray knows he's not without fault and admitted he made a mistake in how he handled everything. Referring to Princess, he said:

"She's right. I'm not going to even defend it. Baby, I was wrong. You are right."

The VH1 star also made it clear he was "done with Vegas," adding:

"I have to do better, and I have to understand my wife is pregnant. I have to think a little more wiser when I'm making decisions."

Yeah, you don't say?!

It's also interesting to hear Ray fully take the blame now, especially since he initially denied ever leaving his family while everything went down. Brandy's brother even went so far as to film a video of himself from the hotel room where they stayed. ICYMI, he claimed:

“I’m at the Sky Loft if you can see. And I just don’t understand how somebody could get stranded if we never left. We been right here. You stay right there.”

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Williams continued to grill the guy with questions, throwing speculative shade left and right. At one point, she asked Ray J if he and Princess Love had an "open marriage" — because maybe that would explain his questionable behavior?

Or maybe it would provide some an answer to why the Love ' Hip Hop star was spotted without his wedding band at Los Angeles International airport earlier this week?

But he replied:

"Oh no. It would never be like that. I would never get married if it wasn't super locked between us. I think what we gotta work on is keeping your circle tight. Me, her and our baby."

As for the suspicious sighting, Ray made sure to clear all that up and noted:

“My hands were ashy. I had to put some lotion on … when I got up to the gate, I didn’t have any lotion and boom, right there, they got the picture. When you’re black and you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and you’re ashy.”

Um, okay then! We're just glad all of this crazy drama has finally appeared to come to an end.

WATCH the juicy conversation go down right around five-minute mark, (below):

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