Jennifer Aniston Sets Record Straight On Relationship With Reese Witherspoon_1

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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are co-starring together on The Morning Show on Apple TV+. It’s the first time the actresses have worked together since Witherspoon guest-starred as Aniston’s sister on Friends almost 20 years ago. There have been many recent stories claiming the two stars don’t get along with each other. In a recent interview, Aniston spoke about the show, and how she really feels about working with Witherspoon.

For years now, Gossip Cop has been debunking stories about Aniston and Witherspoon feuding. The silly rumor actually goes back many years, and one narrative asserts that the reason that Witherspoon only guest-starred in two episodes of Friends was that she and Aniston didn’t like each other. Both actresses have disputed feud rumors multiple times. The rumor has persisted, in no small part, because of the tabloids. In the last three years, the gossip media has only increased its coverage of Aniston and Witherspooon’s relationship as a result of their new show.

In an interview this week with People magazine, Aniston was asked how it was working with her close friend again. She responded, “It sort of just fell into place because she’s so damn good and there was sort of an unspoken language,” adding, “We were really a good yin-yang to each other.” There was no hint at animosity, anger, or jealousy. In fact, it was just the latest evidence in a longstanding close friendship that the tabloids have been incorrectly reporting about for years.

Aniston and Witherspoon didn’t blame each other for The Morning Show’s bad reviews. Aniston wasn’t jealous of Witherspoon “stealing the spotlight” on the show. The show has certainly not ruined Aniston and Witherspoon’s friendship, nor did the two fight on the set of the show. Those were just a few of the phony reports about their professional relationship. The bogus articles about their personal relationship are just as ubiquitous. For example, a tabloid recently claimed Aniston was suspicious of Witherspoon “crushing” on Brad Pitt. She wasn’t. Witherspoon never “ditched” Aniston to become closer to Kerry Washington either, as another tabloid wrongly asserted. Gossip Cop has busted all of these topics in the past.

The two actresses remain close friends and working on The Morning Show certainly hasn’t hurt their friendship. Two weeks ago, Witherspoon posted a photo of the two actresses, proclaiming she loved her co-star. Just last week, Aniston posted her own photo of the two of them on the set, saying “I really do love you @reesewitherspoon… I do!).”

This whole phony premise that Witherspoon and Aniston are anything but close friends is just ridiculous. Gossip Cop will of course continue to debunk any tabloid claim to the contrary, just as we’ve done so many times in the past.