Anna Faris Reveals She Was Saved from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Over Thanksgiving: 'Very Fortunate'_1

Anna Faris has at least one more thing to be thankful for after a scary encounter with carbon monoxide on Thanksgiving.

The actress, 43, celebrated the holiday at a rented vacation home in Lake Tahoe, California, with family last week, when several guests complained of feeling ill. The group of 13 at first wrote it off as potential altitude sickness, the North Tahoe Fire Protection District said in a press release.

Two guests headed to the hospital, where carbon monoxide was determined to be the culprit. That's when first responders were called to check up on the other 11 guests.

After inspecting the rental home, the safety crew said the living space had more than six times the maximum recommended indoor carbon monoxide levels — even with windows and doors open for ventilation.

Everyone was then treated for their symptoms, and two more were taken to the hospital for care.

Thanking the first responders for helping her family, Faris described the incident as "stupidly dramatic" in a tweet on Friday.

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Faris' 7-year-old son Jack spent Thanksgiving with his father, Faris' ex-husband Chris Pratt, as they gathered with the family of Pratt's fiancée, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

The last of Faris' Thanksgiving play-by-plays leading up to the carbon monoxide incident came on Thursday at about 11 a.m. PST.

"1113am. Could not find giblets or jiblets and my hand is very cold (but I did santitize). Now in bathroom hiding. Also my family is reading these tweets and I’m getting a touch of grief," she wrote. "Dear family on the day of thanks-I love you all. Just a little more from the upstairs bath."