Truth About George Clooney, Katie Holmes, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon Getting Dumped On Their Birthdays_1

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Birthdays are typically considered important events, and celebrity birthdays are no exception. Fans of actors, musicians or other stars expect to hear about their favorite celebrity’s extravagant and star-studded birthday celebration, but tabloids often use those festivities as ammo for bogus stories — especially ones about stars getting dumped or divorced on their birthday. Here are just a few of the nonsensical rumors about birthday-based breakups that Gossip Cop has busted.

Last December, Life ' Style claimed Jamie Foxx had broken up with Katie Holmes on her 40th birthday. The magazine contended that Holmes was expecting Foxx to propose on her birthday, but he called it quits instead. The tabloid’s “insider” said Foxx simply called up Holmes, told her that “he needed space” and ended things. The source argued that Holmes had refused to commit to the relationship and go public, frustrating the actor.

The couple actually spent Holmes’ 40th birthday together in New York City, where they shared dinner with Holmes’ mother. Our source in the actress’s camp also assured us the rumor was fiction. While the two did share an extremely private relationship, it didn’t actually end until this past August — a full eight months after the tabloid’s original prediction.

This past March, Star incorrectly reported that Reese Witherspoon had gotten dumped by Jim Toth on her 43rd birthday. According to the tabloid, Toth was fed up with his wife’s tendency to overindulge in alcohol after she was photographed tripping on stairs as she left Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday. The outlet threw in a few other murmurs about the two hitting “a rough patch” and how “tough” it was for the two to persevere through their differences. In the midst of everything, the outlet claimed Toth had “stormed out” before Witherspoon’s birthday the week before.

However, Gossip Cop could find no evidence of the so-called “rough patches” or any of the divorce-causing fights. Witherspoon cheered on Toth as he ran the LA Marathon two days after her birthday, and the two had a romantic dinner together later that week. No one had been dumped or divorced, but we still ran the story by Witherspoon’s official spokesperson, who told us on the record it was “ridiculous.”

In May, the National Enquirer published a bogus story about Amal Clooney splitting up with George Clooney on his 58th birthday. The outlet argued that the couple had just recovered from a rash of problems, only to fall back into fighting over the actor’s plans for the big day. Anonymous sources claimed the two seemed “destined to be unhappy” and had no long-term prospects. The latest trigger for their breakup, the insiders said, was George’s birthday plans for a “boozy celebration with his buddies,” which apparently caused Amal to storm off. The human rights lawyer wanted her husband to “do something more healthy” for his birthday, sources told the outlet, and his refusal was the last straw.

Shortly after the rumor was published, George actually talked about how much he enjoyed his birthday celebration — which consisted of having dinner alone with his wife at their home. There was no “boozy celebration,” and, therefore, no fight between the spouses. The two have been nothing but supportive of one another in interviews and red carpet events.

Just last month, the Enquirer tried the birthday narrative again, this time claiming Julia Roberts and Danny Moder had an “explosive” fight on her 52nd birthday and were “on the brink” of divorcing. The magazine said the actress was outraged that her husband “didn’t do enough” for her birthday celebration, and that Moder had “completely dropped the ball” regarding the event. The lack of festivities, a source said, caused Roberts to kick her husband out of their home and had her considering a “$200 million divorce.”

The rumor was strikingly similar to another tabloid’s “report” about the couple splitting after a birthday fight that used near-exact copies of “insider” quotes. Both stories were blatantly false, and, as we pointed out at the time, Roberts and Moder’s relationship is as strong as ever. The two have expressed nothing but admiration and love for one another in interviews. As with the rest of these rumors, there were no blowouts or divorce papers served alongside birthday cake.