One thing is for sure: Lizzo is NOT shy about showing off her body, and we love her for it!

The Truth Hurts rapper has a habit of flaunting her curvaceous figure on Instagram, proudly proving she's all about positive body image and living her super-sexy lifestyle — but even she can occasionally push the boundaries a little bit too much for some followers!


And while she's got plenty of fans in her corner, she's also feeling a little bit of backlash after posting a set of nude photos and a vid on the social media outlet. Whoa!

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"Paint me like ya French bch," the rapper captioned her picture post, referencing the classic Kate Winslet nude scene from Titanic while flaunting her naughty bits, cleverly covered up by her gorgeous, long-flowing locks, as you can see (below):

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Paint me like ya French bitch 🎨

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Whoa!!! Did it just get hot in here, or what?!

The sexy starlet wasn't done there, either!

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Lizzo doubled down immediately after in her next IG post — this time, a seductive several-second video of her bad self passionately crawling towards the camera, naked as a jaybird once again:

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Omw.... 😏

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Somebody is clearly feelin' themselves!

And we're all for it! In a world that too often tries to force women to behave in a certain manner, or have a certain body type, or embrace their sexuality in a certain way, we LOVE watching super-women like Lizzo fk all that up! YES!!!

And yet…

It was interesting, to say the least, to gauge the reaction from her IG commenters, because it was decidedly more of a mixed bag than we'd expected. That is, while some fans praised Lizzo as always for her impressive self-confidence and determination to love her own body no matter what, others openly questioned why the rapper feels the need to post so many sultry snaps. Hmmm…

Here are some of the questioning IG comments…

"Lizzo I love you but this here ain’t none of our business"

"i thought we agreed you would stop this."

"couch smell like booty now"

"but why tho?"

Um… why not??

Lizzo Drops Nude Pics & Video On Instagram — And Fans Don't Know How To Handle It!_1
Inset: One thing is for sure here: Lizzo is NOT a shy woman! / (c) WENN

Still, there were PLENTY of positive comments showing love for the Juice rapper, too!

One follower simply stated:

"Ur so God dam beautiful ❤️😍,"

While another showed allegiance to her queen, writing:

"Yasss @lizzobeeating better represent for us big girls 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"

One fan made a good point about double standards, arguing that Kim Kardashian West could get away with something like this without any controversy:

"I wanna see y’all try to diss Lizzo cause if this was kim… y’all would be 😍😍😍 this night away"

That's a very good point!

And some fans spoke for hundreds of other commenters in noting their jealousy over Lizzo's self-confidence, writing:

"Can you share some confidence with me. I really need some"

"Lovin your confidence, girl."

We are, too!

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What about YOU, Perezcious readers?!

Lizzo can do whatever she wants with her own body and her own IG account — well, within reason — butt what do U think about nudity like this? Is it over the top? Too much? Or can you not get enough, and want her to flaunt it more?!

Sound OFF with your take on Lizzo's birthday suit lifestyle in the comments (below)!!!

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