Twitter Cannot Handle Billie Eilish No Knowing Who Van Halen Is — But A Band Member Comes To Her Defense!_1

Should music prodigy Billie Eilish be ashamed for not knowing who Van Halen is?

That’s the debate Twitter has been locked in on Monday — nearly a week after the Grammy nominee made it clear she has never heard of your dad’s favorite hard rock band. 

It all began when the 17-year-old pop star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week and was quizzed on her knowledge of ‘80s pop culture. While she appeared to know who Madonna was, she was completely lost when Jimmy Kimmel brought up the Panama band, who have been in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame since 2007.

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When Kimmel asked her to “name a Van Halen,” Billie’s response was:



What he said!

Do U think Billie should know better? Does she have you feeling old rn?? Share your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via ABC/YouTube]