Victoria Beckham Furious Over David ‘Flirting’ With Emilia Clarke?_1

(Gossip Cop)

Victoria Beckham is not furious with David Beckham for supposedly exchanging “flirty” texts with Emilia Clarke. That’s the bogus story in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Ever time David posts a photo with a female celebrity, the tabloids jump at the opportunity to declare that his wife is angry about it. The latest example comes from Woman’s Day, which has seemingly invented an entire phony narrative around David meeting Clarke at a Fleetwood Mac concert in San Francisco last month.

“Posh’s Fury Over Beck ' Emilia’s Flirty Texts” reads the headline for the bogus story. The article claims that after David posted the picture of him “cozying up” to Clarke, Victoria hit the roof. A source claims, “David’s a massive flirt as it is, let alone broadcasting a picture of himself with the Game Of Thrones star he’s been lusting over for years. Posh was very unimpressed when he posted that picture.” The tabloid then alleges that it “was a bold move from Becks” as, according to the questionable reporting, David “has only just managed to smooth things over” with Victoria after she allegedly got mad at him for posting an Instagram photo of himself and Courteney Cox in a hot tub together, a story Gossip Cop has already debunked.

The latest work of fiction goes on to quote the so-called source as saying, “David loves collecting celeb friends, so there’s no doubt he got Emilia’s digits and struck up a text friendship like he’s done with a lot of people.” The suspicious insider goes on, “But what’s telling is that Posh is making a big show of partying in LA with bestie Eva Longoria and not saying a lot about David.” This supposed source finishes off by saying, “It was odd for him to post that picture with Emilia knowing it would upset Victoria, so a lot of people are speculating it’s a sign they might actually be over.”

One problem with the piece is how this “source” refers to Victoria. Calling her “Posh” is the first clue that this source is probably clueless about the couple. The fashion designer’s real friends don’t refer to her by her Spice Girls nickname, and they don’t switch between “Victoria” and “Posh” as this tabloid would have the reader believe. As for her not “saying a lot” about David and about the couple being “over,” the model posted a picture of the whole family on Thanksgiving, including her husband. The whole story was just complete nonsense.

The idea that Victoria is jealous of every woman David meets is an old tabloid trope that Gossip Cop has busted many times in the past. This is just the latest example of a magazine creating fiction from an Instagram photo. We will continue to call out all tabloids for faulty reporting like this.