Leah Messer tried recruiting celebrities to Mastery in Transformational Training – and now she’s attempting to get her fans on board. The Teen Mom 2 star is turning to Instagram to recruit followers to the self-help organization once accused of being a cult.

On Sunday, December 1, Messer, 27, posted a swipe up on her Instagram Story linking to MITT’s homepage.

She then went on Instagram live with another member of the group.

“I joined back in August,” she explained. “It feels like I’ve known everyone since forever. We wanted to hop on here to talk about our journey and experience throughout this training. I wanted Victor to join us and talk about his experience and journey.”

Watch Out! Leah Messer Recruiting Fans To Self-Help Group Accused Of Being A Cult_1

‘Teen Mom’ Scandal: Leah Messer Joins Self-Help Group Accused Of Being A Cult

Messer then handed the live over to Victor, who explained how the Los Angeles training center offers courses in “emotional intelligence and leadership.”

“I’m currently a volunteer,” he began. “We want to be able to share it with you guys. The world would be a much better place if everyone had these tools. I’m fighting for a world where everyone knows they matter. The basic training you’re going to be in a big room of around 100 plus people. It’s a combination of lecture and exercises.”

When someone compared the group to Scientology, which has been accused of being the cult, Victor became defensive.

“Leah and I don’t have to be on live today,” he fired. “I’m not a public figure. We genuinely want other people to experience a more successful and enjoyable life.”

Watch Out! Leah Messer Recruiting Fans To Self-Help Group Accused Of Being A Cult_2

Fears For Leah! Messer’s Alleged Cult Once Accused Of Sexual Violation & Brainwashing

He then said, “This is the work me and Leah are committed to.”

Leah first posted about her involvement in MITT on October 7, 2019.

“A powerful, strong, trusting force we are,” she captioned a photo with a friend of people. “I love each and every single one of you!! You can count on my word! Each one of you have changed my life and we will forever be connected!! I AM A POWERFUL, CONNECTED, INSPIRATIONAL LEADER! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!"

One woman tagged in the photo posted a snap with Messer and captioned it, “MITT 16 Heaven.” She also added the hashtag “mitttransformation.”

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