New York City Subway Riders Had a Full-On Thanksgiving Dinner on a Moving Train_1

A few subways riders in New York City were treated to an unexpected Thanksgiving treat when fellow straphangers busted out a full-course meal on Sunday night.

In footage posted to social media, subway riders are seen enjoying a holiday dinner from a table filled with Thanksgiving staples like turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and champagne — all on a moving train. In one of the videos, posted to Instagram, a woman with a large knife and fork is seen slicing up the turkey for anyone who wants a slice.

"The #Macandcheese was correct and the company was #classy," wrote user Flannery Foster. "I F’ing love #NYC."

One passenger who was on the train took to Reddit to share their experience of the spontaneous banquet.

“It was definitely a bit of a stunt but these guys were really respectful of space,” the person wrote.

“They said it was an inclusive gesture to emphasize no one should go without food on Thanksgiving. They were loud but not rowdy or a nuisance," they added. "They even handed out plates to everyone in the car — I got one and the turkey was a solid 7/10 and collard 8.5/10. I’m glad I got to experience something like this. Makes a great story!”

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The Reddit user even said there were MTA employees around, but none seemed to have a problem with the makeshift dining area.

"There were even MTA employees amongst us but no one objected," the Redditor continued.

According to the New York Post, stand-up comedian, Jodell “Joe Show” Lewis, is the one who organized the dinner.

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“I chose the L line after waiting 20 minutes for a train to take me to Brooklyn and seeing how dreary and upset riders were at the inconvenience the new construction provided,” Lewis told the outlet. “[We] wanted to entertain and bring a little excitement to commuters as well as feed New Yorkers who might be hungry.”

“My actions also show people from out of town visiting that there is flavor here in the city and New York has a heart,” he added.