Truth About Taylor Swift Feuding With Other Singers_1

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With her latest album entering its eleventh week on the Billboard 200, Taylor Swift’s status as one of the biggest forces in music is indisputable. However, competition in the music industry is fierce, and Swift’s been pitted against her fair share of tough-to-beat musicians to earn her place on the charts. That being said, that competition doesn’t often transfer to Swift’s personal relationships with those musicians. Here are a few rumors about the singer feuding with her fellow musicians that Gossip Cop has busted.

This past March, Star falsely claimed Swift was destined to have a “catfight” with Beyonce at the Oscars over their supposedly competing performances in Cats and The Lion King, respectively. According to the outlet’s anonymous “insider,” the two singers were “desperate” for their movies to receive recognition at the Academy Awards and were already “spearheading their respective campaigns.”

At the time of the reporting, Cats hadn’t even finished filming, so it was absurd to think that an awards push was already in progress. Plus, Swift could only compete in the acting categories — all of the songs in the movie have already appeared in the Broadway version — while Beyonce would be competing for Best Original Song. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked with one of our sources close to Beyonce, who assured us it was a made-up rumor.

In April, Star alleged Swift was in a harsh competition with Katy Perry over which pop star would make it to the altar first. Perry announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom this past February, which is what kicked off the competition according to the tabloid. The source further contended that Swift had been secretly engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn for months, and now felt as though Perry was going to outdo her wedding. In fact, the insider claimed, Swift believed the fellow singer found out about her secret engagement and “deliberately rushed” her own ceremony.

The tipster added that the Lover artist was planning to fly in “her A-list friends on private jets” as part of her new plans for an over-the-top wedding. In turn, Perry was planning on one-upping Swift even further, leaving Bloom and Alwyn flabbergasted, according to the tabloid. Gossip Cop checked with our Swift source, who simply laughed off the story. Our source in Perry’s camp referred to the claims as fiction as well. The tabloid was just trying reignite an old feud between Swift and Perry that the two resolved last year.

Shortly after Star’s article, Life ' Style claimed Swift feuding with Ariana Grande. The tabloid’s unnamed source said Swift was jealous of Grande’s “massive success” and was “plotting to get back on top.” This plan apparently included releasing a new single. According to the source, Swift had been “lying low” for the sake of her boyfriend, but she was too worried about people forgetting her to stay low-key.

Gossip Cop ran the claim by our Swift source as well, and we were assured there was no feud to speak of between Swift and Grande. In reality, Swift released new music because she’s a musician and that’s what they do. There was no absurd plan or plot.

In September, Life ' Style took aim at Swift with a piece about the 1989 singer earning Gwen Stefani’s ire on the set of The Voice. Swift was announced as a mentor for the newest season, which, according to the tabloid’s so-called sources, infuriated the returning coach. The tabloid asserted that Swift was warmly welcomed by the other three coaches, but Stefani was too concerned about Swift “stealing her thunder” as Stefani’s return to the show was supposed to be her “big comeback.”

However, the two singers have a history of friendliness, with the two getting along well when Swift joined the show as a mentor in its seventh season. Stefani also publicly expressed her excitement about Swift joining the show again and had nothing but compliments about her. Gossip Cop even checked with some of our insiders on the show itself and received nothing but positive reports of their relationship. Much like the rest of these feud claims, this one proved to be totally bogus.