Bolivian president resigns after pressure_1

Bolivian President Evo Morales says he will submit his resignation after the country's military suggested he step down amid a fierce backlash to last month's disputed election.

Earlier, Mr Morales called for a new election after his claim to have won a fourth term triggered suspicions of fraud and set off deadly protests.

South America's longest-serving leader made the call on Sunday after a preliminary report by the Organisation of American States found a "heap of observed irregularities" in the October 20 presidential contest and said a new vote should be held.

Without mentioning the OAS report, Mr Morales said he would replace the country's electoral body and urged all political parties and all sectors to help bring peace to the Andean nation after protests in which three people have been killed and hundreds injured

But later on Sunday, Bolivia's military said it had suggested to President Morales that he resign to help ensure stability in the country.

"We ask the President of the State to renounce his presidential mandate, allowing for peace to be restored and the maintenance of stability for the good of Bolivia," the commander of the country's armed forces, Williams Kaliman, told reporters.

Mr Morales announced his resignation plan shortly after.