Amid the murder trial for alleged killer Patrick Frazee, a witness took a stand with incriminating information that can be used against him.

On Friday, November 10, Frazee's middle school friend Joe Moore testified against him, referring to their past conversations regarding Kelsey Berreth's possible whereabouts.

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As FOX reported, the 29-year-old took the stand and insisted Frazee first disclosed his plans to kill Berreth back in April while they discussed the status of his relationship at the time.

“He said ‘I figured out a way to kill her.’ And I went ‘don't even talk about s* like that. Get that s* out of your head,’” Moore recalled.

“And he just kinda grinned and went ‘no body, no crime, right?’ And I said "Patrick, get that out of your head,"' Moore added.

Following Berreth's disappearance, Frazee's friend shared some more strange occurrences.

He remembered the alleged murderer repeatedly asking him, “Why do they [police] keep investigating cause if there is no body, there is no crime. Why do they [police] keep questioning me?”

As Moore confessed, he recalled Frazee wondering "why there's such a big over this," as well as his almost admittance.

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“If I had known it was going to blow up this big, I never would have …"' Moore remembered Frazee saying.

At one point, Moore says, the horse trainer tried to cover for himself when he suggested that Berreth might have committed suicide. He also noted Frazee never seemed to care about his late fiance's absence.

To explain the blood found on his shirt, Frazee allegedly told Moore it came from a bloody nose she suffered, but he still feared it wouldn't be enough to set him free.

“He said ‘do you think they'll be able to find any of that, even though it's all been washed?’” Moore testified.

As readers know, Frazee is charged with the murder of his ex-fiancee Berreth, who was last seen grocery shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

It is believed the killing took place when she stopped by Frazee's home to drop off their daughter Kaylee. Her body has still not been found.

Frazee's former flame Krstyal Lee Kenney, also testified against him in the murder trial, even admitting her own involvement in the case.

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She alleged Frazee asked her to help kill Berreth about three times before he took matters into his hands. After beating her to death with a baseball ball, he asked her to help clean up the murder scene and burned the body on his farm.

Radar previously reported records where Frazee wanted to "get rid of" Berreth for allegedly abusing their daughter.

Berreth's parents, on the contrary,  believe he committed the murder to obtain full custody of Kaylee.