Rasheeda Frost Flaunts A Gorgeous Look This Weekend And Fans Cannot Stop Praising The Fashion Queen_1

Some of Rasheeda Frost's fans have been calling her the queen of fashion after seeing the latest outfit that she showed off this weekend at Pressed Boutique. Check out the pic and video below.

'Workin ' rocking that matte lipgloss called Outgoing from pressedatl.com💋💋' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I just love ur energy, vibe, your smile and most of all ur beauty. Can't wait to meet you one day at PressedAtl@, Rasheeda.'

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Another follower posted: 'Good evening @rasheeda I was at your restaurant (Frost Bistro ' bar) last weekend due to my Bday celebration on Nov 2, I must say that I really enjoyed the food/the vibe was on point. I was hoping that I saw you there but you weren’t. I got a picture with Kirk and I still had a good time.'

One other commenter said: 'Rasheeda knows she has it going on and poppin. You go, girl, because you got it like that. #loveandhiphop.'

Someone else wrote: 'You look beautiful and you're wearing that lip color. I love the name "Outgoing" ❤️. You are amazing and love seeing you do big things. #blessedyouare.'

Another commenter posted this: '@rasheeda My daughter @xx.care and I enjoyed meeting you @pressedatl ❤️💋💋 look closely we're at the register in the background 😁'

A couple of days ago, Rasheeda also brought her son, Karter Frost to work and posted a short clip with him on her social media account.

Her fans love the fact that his mom takes Karter to Pressed Boutique sometimes, and people get the chance to meet him there.