Nicole Kidman Worries About Keith Urban’s Sobriety?_1

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The tabloids have a recurring storyline about Nicole Kidman constantly fearing Keith Urban will relapse, despite the country star being sober for 13 years. Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted this narrative, as the actress isn’t worried about her husband’s sobriety. Here are a few times we’ve set the record straight in the last year alone.

New Idea ran an article in November 2018 alleging Kidman sent Urban to rehab after a “near relapse.” Like most of the tall tales the tabloids invent on the subject, this one involved the actress being worried about her husband drinking and drugging while on the road. To get him ready for his concert tour, a questionable “source” told the publication that Kidman “moved a life coach into their home to work with him and help him mentally prepare.”

Urban’s Graffiti U World Tour had already been underway for six months, and had just wrapped up its North American leg less than a month earlier. If Kidman wanted to prepare him for his tour, as the phony report said, she should have done it much earlier in the year. The article was completely bogus, and instead of anonymous sources, Gossip Cop went straight to Urban’s spokesperson, who told us on the record the story was complete nonsense.

In February 2019, while the European and Australian legs of the tour were underway, Kidman and their children joined Urban on the road. According to a made-up story in the National Enquirer, this was so Kidman could save her marriage to Urban by keeping tabs on him because she was “worried sick” about him relapsing. A so-called “source” said, “What started out as a way to bring them close together could actually end up driving them apart,” as Urban was allegedly “frustrated” by the lack of trust.

The whole premise was bogus. The family was traveling for some quality time as the tour was scheduled for almost two years and traveling was a great way to be together. Kidman’s rep confirmed this with Gossip Cop, telling us there was no truth to the story. This was just another false claim by a tabloid.

Most recently, OK! pushed the phony narrative by applying the same tropes, falsely claiming Kidman was worried about Urban relapsing during the star’s upcoming 12-date Las Vegas residency in January. The outlet quoted a dubious source as saying, “Temptation is everywhere in Vegas, and she’s seen him relapse, so she knows it could happen again. She’s urged him to turn down the residency offer.”

Once again, the tabloid was wrong. Just like the other stories, this was another example of an outlet baselessly pushing this premise. Gossip Cop once again checked with Kidman’s spokesperson, who told us the there was “no truth” to the report. Kidman is supportive of her husband’s sobriety and doesn’t believe he’s going to fall off the wagon. The narrative otherwise just isn’t true, no matter how often the tabloids say it.