Prince Andrew 'should go to jail' says Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre_1

Australian woman Virginia Roberts Giuffre has alleged to 60 Minutes that dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell sexually molested her the first time she met him.

"There wasn't a part of my body that they did not abuse," she told the Nine show on November 10, adding she was forced to "recruit" younger girls to an alleged sex ring run by Epstein.

For the show, Ms Giuffre went back to Epstein's $108 million New York mansion, where Prince Andrew was captured on footage farewelling a young woman from its half-closed front door in December 2010.

She repeated her allegations – made previously to a court and media organisations – that Epstein forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew three times when she was 17.

"Yes, I think Prince Andrew should go to jail," she said, adding she was "disgusted" every time they were together.

"Is he ever going to? Probably not."

Another of Epstein's alleged victims, Courtney Wild, told 60 Minutes she was 14 when she first had sex with the man who was friends with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

"His addiction wasn't drugs or alcohol, it was young girls," she said, adding that what she called a cover up of Epstein's crimes are more traumatic than what happened to her as a child.

"To be sexually abused by a man and have the government know and actually co-conspire with the perpetrator to make sure nothing happens to him is just so – it just sounds so unreal," Ms Wild said.

Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to various sex crimes involving minors and negotiated a 13 month prison sentence including day release.

He was arrested again in July this year and in August was found hanged in a New York prison cell while awaiting trial.

Ms Giuffre said everyone involved in the alleged sex ring should be held accountable: "They should be named and they should be shamed".