Liam Payne is dating a 19-year-old model. Or is he??

According to scattered reports, the former One Direction crooner first started dating Maya Henry last summer, right after the split from baby momma Cheryl. They fizzled after just a few weeks, and Liam went on to have a couple high profile flings with models Naomi Campbell and Duckie Thot. But this year the couple reconnected and decided to make a real go of it — but kept the relationship quiet for months out of respect for Cheryl before finally going public in August.

After they were seen out together a couple times, Liam confirmed the relationship, gushing about the relationship to MTV News:

"Now that I've found someone who's genuinely my best friend — as well as my partner — it's massively changed things for me. She's just so relaxed about everything and someone who's completely got your back with everything, (it) is just the wildest thing. I don't think I've ever really experienced that before in someone, so that's quite a wonder to watch actually."

Awww, right?

Fans Think Liam Payne & His Girlfriend Are Lying About Her Age — And Maybe The Whole Relationship!!!_1
Inset: (c) Liam Payne/Instagram

OK, that's the popular version. But apparently not all of his fans are convinced everything here is on the level…

One such doubter articulated the conspiracy theory perfectly on Twitter on Monday:

"Every article about Liam’s girlfriend says she’s 19 when she’s actually 18.

This is intentional because when fabricating this ridiculous PR campaign for her they said that they’ve been together for a year, which would mean that Liam was dating a 17 y/o.

She’s a senior in HS."

Wow. That is some serious claim!

We feel like we have to tackle every aspect of this! But before the investigation can begin… Liam actually responded to the user a couple days later! He tweeted as a comment on the post:

"19 don’t believe everything you read on the internet 🙄"

Oh, well that's settled then. LOLz!

For real though, how old is this girl?

Maya, a model with an impressive social media presence — 181,000 YouTube subscribers and 231k Instagram followers, has a publicly listed birthday of June 15, 2000. That would make her 19 years old.

So why exactly are some fans convinced that's a lie?

Apparently there's very good evidence she's only 18 years old. See, a few years back the Texas teen's father spent $6 million on her quinceañera — a mind-blowing number which made the entire thing go viral. The 15th birthday celebration — which featured performances by Pitbull and Nick Jonas — was such a large affair it was covered by outlets from to Inside Edition.

So unfortunately for Maya, we have time stamped footage — and know for a fact the event took place in March of 2016.

If she turned 15 in the Spring of 2016, then she is indeed only 18 now. Meaning if all the relationship news with Liam is legit, and they dated for a few weeks in the Summer of 2018, she was just 17 years old at the time!

That's messed up.

But if you pay close attention, the conspiracy theory isn't actually about Liam dating a 17-year-old girl when he was 25 (ew!).

The speculation, at least by the fan who got Liam's attention — is that the entire relationship is a lie, a PR stunt intended to raise Maya's profile.

That sounds CRAZY, to be sure, but… this is a girl whose father, a big-time Texas lawyer, bought her TWO bespoke Rolando Santana dresses for her quinceañera. That's a big deal. TWO big deals, in fact.

We mean, $6 MILLION, y'all!

Is it really that much of a stretch to consider the possibility Daddy is paying Liam to pretend to date his daughter to get her even more followers??

Here's another inneresting wrinkle — all of Maya's IG pics from the quinceañera have been scrubbed, as have a bunch of celebrity hobnobbing pics from around that time. Like this one.

Fans Think Liam Payne & His Girlfriend Are Lying About Her Age — And Maybe The Whole Relationship!!!_2
Inset: (c) Maya Henry/Instagram

Yep, that's Maya meeting Liam Payne around 2015-2016, when she was — again — only 14 or 15 years old.

Do you think she just said, "Buy me that one, Daddy," or what??

We guess Liam is right. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet…

[Image via Maya Henry/Instagram/WENN/Avalon.]