Whitney Houston was long rumored to have a steamy history with her childhood best friend and later personal assistant, Robyn Crawford. But the superstar went to the grave with her steamy secrets.

Now, more than seven years after Houston’s overdose death, Crawford is finally confirming the same-sex romance in her new memoir, A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston — and she spares no details about their most intimate moments.

In a copy of the new read obtained by RadarOnline.com, Crawford, now a married mom of two, says she met Houston when the two were young teens working as summer camp counselors in New Jersey. Though they were so young, sparks flew instantly.

The friends became “inseparable,” Crawford wrote, and a few weeks after they met, they shared their first kiss in Houston’s living room.

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“That first kiss was long and warm like honey,” she said.

One Sunday after church, Crawford and Houston went all the way at a friend’s apartment.

“We took off our clothes, and for the first time, we touched each other,” she wrote.

“I explored her body and mine by touching. Caressing her and loving her felt like a dream.”

“It was free and honest. It was tender and loving. We both wanted to touch and explore each other, and we did until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.”

The lovers hooked up on the sly whenever they could, Crawford said.

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They often checked into hotels and even got it on in parked cars!

One night, they went to a gay club together and began making out inside.

It got so hot, the two took their tryst to their car!

They were almost caught when a cop knocked on the window, Crawford admitted.

“We were in there naked, but the windows were fogged up so he couldn’t see much and just urged us to move on,” she wrote.

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