T.I. Addresses 'Who's Wearing The Pants In A Marriage' Subject With Tiny Harris And His Pal_1

Not too long ago, T.I. shared a clip on his social media account featuring his podcast ExpediTIously. His wife, Tiny Harris, was invited, and now, Tip shared the second part of the debate, which is a really interesting one as you will see for yourselves below.

'On Mr ' Mrs. H Part2 My Patna #NoIGAce shows us who’s wearing the pants in his marriage… and I believe we all learned something from his perspective… Tune in Now on @applepodcasts @podcastone #ImTheHeadShesTheNeck👑' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Amen,,,,,, So I Could follow a Man with this mindset All day !!!'

Another follower posted: 'Love y’all as a couple there’s understanding there a lot of people don’t get that 💙💙💙💙'

Someone was happy to see Tiny invited on the radio show: 'I loved this podcast. I'm glad you had Mrs. Harris on there!!'

One person agreed and said: 'I always said this even in my vows. Lol. He's the head and I'm the neck👑'

A fan had a piece of advice for Tip: '🗣 LET YOUR GUEST SPEAK. I know it's your show, but you have to take a pause and let your guest speak. You're actually quite good at what you do. However, you would be better if you would give your guests a chance to speak when they have something significant to say.'

Someone laughed and said: 'Tiny like that's what you heard? Omg T.I threatened to burn the house down. Smh😂😂😂😂😂'

What do you think about this subject? Who should wear the pants in a relationship?