Food for Thought: Where is You Courage & Strength as a Man?_1

Obviously, the journey of life is usually a tough one for a male child from the beginning. He runs the toughest errand, play hard plays; climbing, jumping, swimming, diving and summer salting, thereby narrowing his chances of making it to adulthood.

After crossing these hurdles to adulthood as a child, he begins to think of the very best method to adopt in shouldering responsibilities; settling bills, catering for his immediate family, fending for his parents and taking charge of some miscellaneous bills of the relations of his and that of his wife.

It is a long process of living a life for others which invariably defines the finesse in manhood. You can only be good in the society when you live to be responsible.

Thus, these demands, especially in this part of the world requires belt tightening position, a determined sojourn via all the rough rides to and fro home all the times. Sometimes, the search takes days, months and years. It is indeed a process that is situated on determination, brilliance, courage and drives.

You mustn't stop until, you have gotten to the last bus stop; where death takes over....that's our plight as a man; running the race for others. And when our women out there stand to ride with us just like mine, the journey becomes pleasurable, the stress and strains in it becomes a polished means to harvesting joy, happiness and immeasurable success.

Shared by:
Dare Alabi
Founder, Ocassion Magazine.