THE UK was set to leave the European Union on October 31 – but Boris Johnson's "deal-or-no-deal" Brexit was torpedoed when MPs voted in favour of the Letwin Amendment.

Here are some of the important dates in the Brexit process before the divorce from Brussels becomes final.

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Boris Johnson delivering a statement in the House of Commons
Key dates leading up to Brexit in 2019

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January 2020

January 31 – Next Brexit Day… if the EU does grant a three month extension however now Leo Varadkar and Donald Tusk have suggested that a flexible Brexit extension could be on the cards meaning we may be out before.


Its all up in the air for the next few months. With the bill paused and the length of the extension still uncertain we could be in for anything from leaving with Boris' deal, a General Election or even another referendum.


October 31 – Brexit Day… if the EU don't grant an extension
October 24 -Boris Johnson announced to the House he will try and trigger a snap general election for December 12, on Monday.
October 23 – Brussels bosses began considering the length of the new delay — which Parliament asked to run until January 31.
October 22– MPs backed the PM's deal last night but threw out his speedy timetable.
October 21 – The Speaker John Bercow blocked a bid by Boris Johnson to hold a Brexit vote on his Withdrawal Agreement Bill
October 19 – Special Saturday sitting of MPs in Parliament, where Boris Johnson is outlined his deal. In the House of Commons, MPs voted for Tory rebel Oliver Letwin's wrecking amendment by 322 to 306, and torpedoed Boris' plans to pass a deal. Boris now has to write to the EU to request an extension to teh Halloween deadline to leave Europe
October 17-18 – The PM negotiates a new Brexit deal with the EU, which is signed off by the European Commission
October 16 – Boris Johnson will send a letter to Brussels asking for a third delay if there's not a deal in place by Saturday, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay warned
October 14 – The Queen's Speech to Parliament included seven pieces of Brexit-related legislation, in relation to fishing, and a bill to end freedom of movement


September 19 – The court will hear former Prime Minister John Major make his verbal submission and make its final decision
September 17 – The Supreme Court begins its hearing into the case to determine whether Boris Johnson acted lawfully
September 11 – Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled the PM's Parliament shutdown was "unlawful"
September 10 – Johnson is defeated by Labour abstainers who blocked his bid to hold a general election for a second time
September 9 – MPs vote on a general election, start of Johnson's suspension of Parliament and Speaker John Bercow quits
September 7 – Amber Rudd resigns after the PM kicked out Remainer Tory rebels
September 4 – The PM sacks 21 Tory MPs after voting to block a No Deal
September 3 – MPs to introduce legislation aimed at blocking No Deal Brexit with rebel Tories joining Labour


August 28 – Queen approves suspension of Parliament for up to five weeks in a process known as proroguing


July 9 – Labour announce they will officially back remain in a second Brexit referendum
July 22 – Sir Alan Duncan quit as a Foreign Office minister in protest against a possible Boris Johnson victory
July 23 – Boris Johnson is named the new PM


June 7 – May stepped down as party leader. She is leaving her position as Prime Minister without having delivered Brexit
June 10 – Deadline for Tory leadership hopefuls to enter the race
June 13 – Tory MPs' first ballot – three candidates were eliminated, another resigned
June 19-20 – MPs take part in ballots until only 2 candidates remain
June 22 – Tory party members vote between last two in a postal ballot


May 24 – Theresa May resigns
May 26 – Elections results: the Brexit Party won 29 seats, Labour had 10 and the Tories had a dismal four

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March 29 – Original Brexit Day

Britain had been due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019
However, after UK MPs rejected the withdrawal deal Mrs May had agreed with Brussels – EU leaders eventually agreed to a six-month extension to the exit process until October 31, 2019