CHILE'S centre-right President Sebastian Pinera has said he will met with opposition leaders as he hopes to end the widespread rioting and unrest.

The civil unrest has seen days of rioting and now ten cities have been placed in a state of emergency, including the capital.

What is happening in Chile and why are there riots?_1
A riot police officer runs past a burning barricade during clashes with demonstrators in Santiago
What is happening in Chile right now and why are there riots?

Riots have broken out in Chile right across the country with at least 15 people dead and 2,600 arrested.

The trouble, sparked by a rise in subway prices, has escalated with the country’s President declaring a state of emergency in the capital and five other cities.

Several days of rioting, arson and vandalism have taken place in protest to the price change.

Governor Karla Rubilar confirmed that three people had died in a burned-down supermarket in the capital on Saturday.

What is happening in Chile and why are there riots?_2
Police blast protesters with a water canon in the capital

A further five bodies were found in the basement of a torched warehouse on Sunday, according to The Associated Press.

President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency in the capital city of Santiago and nine other cities.

Pinera scrapped the fare increase on Saturday in a bid to stop to the chaos, two weeks after it launched.

He also revealed plans to "reduce excessive inequalities, inequities abuses, that persist in our society.”

Authorities estimated that millions of dollars worth of damage had been caused to businesses, the subway and buildings.

What is happening in Chile and why are there riots?_3

Several locations had been burned-down and many others vandalised.

Subway system chief Louis De Grange announced that 85 stations were severely damage.

Around 10,500 soldiers and police officers patrolled the streets of Santiago but protests continued.

Security forces used tear gas and jets of water to try to disperse the crowds.

On Saturday a state of emergency was applied in Santiago, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Valdivia, Chillan, Talca, Temuco and Punta Arenas.

The UN high commission on human rights is sending a team to Chile to investigate allegations of human rights abuses against demonstrators, amid a swell of furious street protests over inequality, falling wages and the rising cost of education and healthcare.

“Having monitored the crisis from the beginning I have decided to send a verification mission to examine reports of human rights violations in Chile,” the high commissioner and former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet announced on Twitter.
Where is Chile?

Chile is a long, narrow country in South America on the southern west coast.

It covers an area of 291,930 square miles and has a population of 17.5million people, according to the 2017 census.

It’s capital is Santiago.

Chile is bordered Peru to the north, Bolivia to the north-east and Argentina to the east.

What is happening in Chile and why are there riots?_4
A demonstrator waves a Chilean flag amid clashes between riot police and demonstrators

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Spain conquered and colonised the country in the mid-16th century, taking over from the Incas.

It declared its independence in 1818.

A coup d’etat took place in 1973 when the democratically elected left wing government under Salvador Allende was overthrown.

A right-wing military dictatorship, under Augusto Pinochet then lasted for 16 years.