Kelly Clarkson's Pipes Froze & She Had To Pee — Thankfully Her Son's Kiddy Potty Came To The Rescue During Social Distancing Debacle!_1

Kelly Clarkson has no problem improvising in a sticky situation!

The 37-year-old singer is practicing social distancing with her family at their cabin in Montana right now, and the state's recent cold weather has proved to be a challenge on the trip! Clarkson took to Twitter on Sunday and revealed their pipes had frozen over and rendered indoor plumbing — including toilets — essentially useless!

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So, what did the momma of two do when nature called? Improvise, of course! Clarkson explained:

"So our plumbing froze up at our little cabin in Montana and, no joke, I just used my toddler’s potty. And just like that I have no pride or shame! Each day brings something I thought I’d never do hahahaha"

How cute!! Stay safe out there in the wilderness, y'all. And we hope you don't run out of toilet paper, too!

[Image via WENN/Instar/Kelly Clarkson/Twitter]