Jennifer Lopez Too Cheap To Pay For Wedding To Alex Rodriguez?_1

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Jennifer Lopez is not too cheap to pay for her wedding to Alex Rodriguez, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust the premise. It’s entirely false.

This week’s National Enquirer has a completely ridiculous article regarding Lopez and Rodriguez’s upcoming nuptials. The couple has yet to set a date for the ceremony, so the tabloid is taking the opportunity to make up some crazy reasons why. The outlet contends that the couple hasn’t locked down a date because Lopez wants someone else to pay for the wedding, and she wants to milk the event for all it’s worth in the media.

The publication quotes what it calls “sources” as saying, “Jennifer is looking for some sort of deal. There is no way she’s paying for that wedding, and even less chance of her wasting one of the biggest press days of her life without harnessing it to help her business.” The so-called “sources” go on to tell the outlet, “Everything she endorses is seen as part of the much bigger J.Lo brand. Her personal life is no exception.” In so many words, the tabloid is saying that Lopez cares more about her career and how the wedding appears than she does about the actual wedding – and thinks she can parlay that into someone else paying for it.

The tabloid never mentions who would pay for the wedding. The article doesn’t explain who the singer wants to endorse it, or what that would even entail. The outlet doesn’t say if the event would be sponsored or why it even would be. The publication provides no details whatsoever. The story was invented out of thin air simply because the couple hasn’t set a wedding date.

There is a very good reason why they haven’t. More than one reason, actually. In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Lopez herself addressed the question of the nuptials’ timing, telling the paper, “‘I have a movie I’m shooting in October and the movie has an album that goes with it, so I’m just a little bit busy right now, and until October, he has the World Series in baseball.” The couple is simply dealing with a very busy time in both of their careers, so the wedding plans are on the back burner – for now.

As for the equally silly claim that Lopez wants to take advantage of “one of the biggest press days of her life,” that too is complete nonsense. In the same interview, Lopez contradicts that completely by saying, “Everyone wants somebody to grow old with. At the end of the day, how much work can you do, how much money can you make, and what does it all matter? It doesn’t, really.” The tabloid and its alleged insiders have no idea what the couple’s plans are.

The Enquirer has played up this phony narrative before. In May, the paper ran a piece claiming Lopez was demanding money for her wedding photos with Rodriguez. That article asserted that there would be security at the wedding enforcing a social media blackout and all pictures would have to be approved by the singer. The story relied on the same trope that Lopez thinks of the wedding as a money-making scheme. That’s not her motivation for getting married. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Lopez, who confirms that this latest article about the singer’s wedding endorsement is just “ridiculous.”