Jennifer Garner Pregnant With Ben Affleck's Baby… Again?_1

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Jennifer Garner isn’t pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby, and the ex-spouses aren’t back together again. A tabloid is simply trying to capitalize on the actress’s recent visit to a medical clinic. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

The article kicks off with a wild claim about Affleck and Garner getting back together a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t bother to specify exactly when or how they reunited. From there, the magazine jumps to the bold pregnancy claims. According to the outlet, Garner had been seen discussing something with a friend while out in Los Angeles, and it looked to be more than idle chit-chat.

“Her friend shrieked with joy and Jen couldn’t stop grinning,” a supposed onlooker tells the magazine. “It clearly looked like she’d just told her she’s having a baby.” If that wasn’t enough, “the plot thickened” when Garner was photographed entering “a medical clinic that specializes in ultrasounds.”

“If Jen is pregnant, there’s no doubt it’s Ben’s baby,” the source says. “They might have split, but they’ve been inseparable the past few months and they still love each other dearly,” an “insider” says. “Now that Ben has cleaned up his act, perhaps another baby is the bond they need to bring them back together for good.”

Not only is the tabloid lazily recycling its previous claims about Garner and Affleck, but they’re also incredibly off-base. While Garner did in fact visit LSG Imaging, a medical clinic that specializes in ultrasounds, she didn’t go to get an ultrasound. The clinic also specializes in mammograms — which Garner gets every October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The actress posted about her experience on Instagram earlier this week, along with a kind message about the importance of screening for breast cancer.

The outlet is either unaware of the nature of Garner’s visit, or willfully ignored it in order to sell magazines. The tabloid doesn’t even bother to address what happened to its claims about Affleck pursuing a romance with actress Jodie Comer earlier this month. And, as we mentioned earlier, this isn’t its first attempt at stirring up gossip specifically about the former couple.

Just last month, the tabloid was adamant that Affleck and Garner were remarrying in Hawaii after the actor had “cleaned up his act.” And before that, it published the all-too-familiar story about Affleck and Garner having a baby together to celebrate his sobriety. In the span of less than two months, the publication has claimed that the exes have reunited three separate times and had two pregnancies.

Unfortunately for the magazine, repeating the same lie multiple times doesn’t make it true. Garner is still dating CEO John Miller and continues to successfully co-parent three kids with Affleck – which is most likely why they seem “inseparable” since parenting is a full-time job. The tabloid is completely off-base, but at the very least, Gossip Cop can hope that this draws more attention to Garner’s message about the importance of early cancer screenings.