Miley Cyrus' Family Believes She's Been Possessed By The Devil?_1

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Miley Cyrus’ family doesn’t believe she’s been possessed by the devil, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk it the ridiculous claim. There’s zero truth to it.

Even by the most outlandish standards, this latest story about the singer from the National Enquirer is over the top. The magazine claims Cyrus’ loved ones fear she’s been possessed by Satan in the wake of her wild summer, which included her separation from Liam Hemsworth and her whirlwind romance with Kaitlynn Carter, followed by her relationship with new beau Cody Simpson. The outlet insists “ominous signs that Miley might be in trouble” started with her “raunchy” performance at the Glastonbury music festival in June.

The piece goes on to mention Cyrus’ “half-naked selfies on Instagram” and quotes a supposed insider as saying, “Everybody around her believes leaving Liam was the stupidest and most inexplicable thing she could have done. Her family is very religious and they think she may have been influenced by her fascination with witchcraft and devil worship.”

The phony report even quotes Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray, as saying, “Somewhere along this journey, both mine and Miley’s faith has been shaken!” However, Billy Ray’s comment was from a 2011 GQ interview in which he expressed some regret for introducing his daughter to stardom at such a young age. The outlet doesn’t mention that the quote is from eight years ago, and therefore has nothing to do with Cyrus’ recent behavior. In fact, Cyrus and her dad did a duet together at the Glastonbury concert mentioned in the piece. Of course, the tabloid conveniently omitted that important fact as well.

As for her “raunchy stage antics” and racy Instagram selfies, well, this is Miley Cyrus. Do we need to remind the tabloid of her MTV performance with Robin Thicke a few years ago? The idea that anything about her personality has changed is ludicrous. Still, Gossip Cop ran the report by Cyrus’ rep, who laughed it off, finding it as ridiculous as we did.

The Enquirer has been way off the mark in reporting about the singer. Earlier this month, the magazine alleged Cyrus was “wasting away” after breaking up with Hemsworth and Carter. That story insisted the singer had lost 23 pounds by surviving on a diet of “dope and booze while barely eating.” The entire premise was based on an Instagram post from a vacation she took with her mom and sister compared to a photo from almost three years earlier. It wasn’t based in reality at all. That story was outrageously untrue, while this latest one is just insane.