Steven Spielberg's Adopted Daughter Mikaela Arrested On Domestic Abuse Charges Even Though She Was The One To Call The Police_1

Reportedly, Steven Spielberg's adopted daughter, Mikaela Spielberg, felt "betrayed" and "heartbroken" after she was arrested on domestic violence charges, despite the fact she was supposedly the one who called the authorities for assistance.

Page Six recently reported that the 23-year-old Hollywood royal spent approximately 11 hours in jail in Nashville, Tennessee, after she and her 47-year-old boyfriend got into a fight. Mikaela is apparently dating a professional darts player, Chuck Pankow.

The court later let out Mikaela on just a $1,000 bond, and also gave her a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Spielberg, however, reportedly spoke with The Sun and claimed there was a miscommunication between Mikaela and the officers.

In a statement to the United Kingdom newspaper, she claimed that she felt "embarrassed" and "betrayed" because she was the one to phone the police for medical help.

Chuck Pankow, her much older boyfriend, explained that no one was harmed and he didn't want the case pursued by the authorities. Additionally, Pankow said to The Sun that the whole thing was a "huge misunderstanding," and she was at their home now.

Pankow didn't disclose any other details on what happened, or what the miscommunication actually was. An affidavit obtained by the British newspaper reported that it all started over a "rude" comment he had supposedly made to her.

The arrest document reads that the authorities were called to the residence around 4:00 am, and they determined that it was actually Mikaela who was being aggressive. Interestingly, Mikaela has been in the headlines for other reasons lately, including when she announced she would be doing adult-themed cam-girl work.

Previously, multiple reports claimed Spielberg and his wife of 29-years were "embarrassed" by the news of her career change. In the past, Mikaela claimed that making pornography helped her deal with symptoms of her bipolar and anxiety disorder.

Additionally, Mikaela claims that, from a very young age, she was "abused by predators" who groomed her for exploitation. Additionally, the 23-year-old woman claims to have struggled with alcoholism for years.