Supervisors to monitor national childcare service buses after boy's death_1

Bus services will resume at a national childcare service two weeks after a three-year-old boy was found dead after being left on a vehicle in far north Queensland.

Additional safety measures will be introduced on Tuesday at Goodstart Early Learning centres across the country after two staff were charged with manslaughter over the boy's death in Cairns.

A supervisor will sit at the back of Goodstart Early Learning buses and there will be an additional "checker" at childcare centres.

The checker will perform a third look through buses after the driver and supervisor have completed theirs.

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Goodstart Early Learning CEO Julia Davidson said the company had apologised to the boy's family.

"We've said sorry to the family. We continue to be there to support them in any way we can," she told Nine.

She said there had been a number of incidents with Goodstart buses in recent years after which additional safety measures were introduced.