Shannen Doherty is taking care of herself amid her cancer battle. Days after announcing that her condition has returned, the BH90210 star, 48, gave fans a glimpse into her healthy new routine.

“After a year of dealing with cancer coming back and other stresses, I’m back at it. Taking care of myself and embracing every day. It’s not always easy. I have days I’m depressed or just plain lazy. But I push thru with the help of friends,” Doherty captioned her Sunday, March 1 post.

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Brave lady! Shannen Doherty Exercises Despite Cancer Battle – See The Photos

In it, she included a candid photo of herself smiling alongside two of her girlfriends. She also shared hots of her healthy, veggie-filled meals.

“@annemkortright has been relentless in getting me to hike and learning new ways to cook that feed my soul as well as my tummy but in a very healthy way. She along with @cheforen @maliburadkitchen have made cooking healthy fun and sustainable. If that wasn’t enough…. Annemarie brought in @kirastokesfit to kick my butt yesterday! It’s been a productive great week. I feel better. My skin is alive and so am I,” the actress continued.

As readers know, Doherty was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer — three years after going into remission. She appeared on Good Morning America on  February 4 to reveal the tragic news, and admitted days later that she was still in shock.

“To say I have stress is an understatement. To say that I’m struggling is mild. But… I believe that I will find my footing. I’ll dig deep for the inner strength I need to face it all. I pray I do it all with dignity and grace. I have so much to say. So much to share. I will. For now… please know how much you all help lift me,” she wrote on Instagram on February 11.

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Shannen Doherty Undergoing Surgery After Breast Cancer Remission

The star — who’s admittedly been stressed out and battling depression over her condition — is getting treatment and trying to stay positive. On her latest Instagram posts, fans and friends pointed out that she looked happy and healthy.

“Glad to feel positive vibs [sic] from you,” one user write. “You’re a fighter, you will make it !!!”

“You’ve got this!” another added.

“Love your authentic post Shannon! Praying for you and hoping a cure is found soon. Keep fighting….all your fans are cheering you on,” a third commented.