Tabloid Calls Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Marriage ‘Perfect’ After Years Of Alleging They’d Divorce_1

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A tabloid is pretending to have insight into Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s “perfect” marriage. This same magazine, however, has also spent years falsely claiming the spouses were divorcing. Gossip Cop can explain.

This week’s OK! features a two-page spread about the couple’s marriage and life at home with their three kids. Words like “perfect,” “incredible” and “amazing” are thrown around. The outlet further notes how supportive they are of each other, and how they’ve successfully balanced work and raising their children. To be clear, Gossip Cop isn’t refuting any of this. Reynolds and Lively do have a very strong marriage. It’s just odd for this to be coming from a tabloid that has repeatedly attacked the spouses.

The sketchy magazine also pretends to know what goes on in Reynolds and Lively’s home when they put their kids to sleep. “He always volunteers to do the bedtime routine – a bath and a story – so Blake can tend to the baby and have a little time for herself,” says an unknown “source” – who we truly hope isn’t spying on the family at night. Luckily, it's unlikely this "source" exists.

The tabloid has a terrible track record when it comes to reporting about the couple. Back in August 2017, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for falsely claiming Lively was concerned about Reynolds “getting super close” with his Deadpool 2 co-star, Brianna Hildebrand. It gets worse. In March 2018, the publication wrongly reported that Reynolds and Lively were living separate lives and headed for a split. According to that bogus report, the actor was always busy working while his wife was left at home with the kids.

In April 2019, OK! published a particularly nasty cover story alleging Reynolds and Lively were headed for a divorce over “rumors he cheated.” These so-called “cheating rumors” only existed in the pages of the tabloid, which accused the actor of straying on his wife with a twenty-something woman in Los Angeles. The magazine provided zero details to flesh out its story – such as the identity of the woman, where and when Reynolds met her, or how Lively found out about the (nonexistent) affair. The reason the tabloid didn’t have these answers is because the story was total fiction.

Shortly after that, the outlet falsely claimed Reynolds was leaning on ex-wife Scarlett Johansson amid supposed marriage problems with Lively. In November 2019, OK! slowly started backpedaling by saying Reynolds and Lively had saved their marriage after being on the brink of divorce. By February, suddenly everything is "perfect" and has been for a long time. The spouses do have a solid and loving marriage, but OK! – which up until now created fake marital strife – doesn't have any exclusive knowledge on the subject.