How Camila Mendes Turned Her Nervous Sweating Into Profit_1

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Camila Mendes, who plays the sultry Veronica Lodge on the cult-favorite teen drama Riverdale, has a sweating problem, not that she’s ashamed of it. In fact, Mendes’ overactive sweat glands are what landed her a huge opportunity. Thanks to her opening up about her nervous sweating during her Riverdale audition, Secret deodorant partnered with Mendes as part of their “All Strength, No Sweat” campaign.

It all started with her Riverdale audition, Mendes revealed in an interview with Nylon. The young starlet found herself in a room with future cast mates Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. “I remember that moment so vividly,” Mendes recalled, “the three of us being in that room. I remember sitting next to Lili, being like, ‘So, where are you from?’ Just small talk before the audition.” The Perfect Date actress added that she and Sprouse bonded over “the fact that we both sweat a lot before auditions.” Mendes told the outlet, “I was literally in the room with paper towels… I would keep them under my arms and right before they called my name I would just put them away.”

Camila Mendes tells it like it is

While some people might be mortified to talk about such a personal problem, it’s just a fact of life for Mendes. More than that, it’s an aspect of her personality that makes her who she is. “I am a very open person, just in general with people,” she explained. “I’m so willing to talk about anything at any given moment in time. I thrive off that. I have to actively try to keep things private. My first instinct is to be open.” That open nature of her’s turned out to be exactly what was needed for the moment. She soon found the answer to her sweat in the form of Secret deodorant and eventually landed a deal to partner with the deodorant company.

In her new gig as celebrity spokesperson, Mendes will be the face of Secret’s new line of essential oil infused deodorant. Secret’s Associate Brand Director Sara Saunders gushed about the starlet to Cosmetics Business, telling the outlet, “With the launch of Secret with Essential Oils […] it was crucial for us to find a partner who was just as multifaceted.” Saunders continued, “Camila is as fierce as she is feminine, epitomizing what it means to be all strength, no sweat.” With this partnership under her belt, Mendes is bound to go on to be as flawless as the iconic Veronica Lodge.