Why Noah Centineo Makes The Perfect Boyfriend_1

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

Noah Centineo has become the object of every teen girl’s affection. The actor and model became a heartthrob after appearing in To All the Boys I Loved Before, its sequel, and the upcoming third installment. The Netflix film series, in which Centineo portrayed the jockish Peter Kavinsky, followed the story of a teenage girl who wrote letters to all of her crushes and by a surprising turn of events, the letters were released. The movie was based on the 2014 novel of the same name and was a financial success. It also helped propel Centineo’s career, and the actor has since gone on to star in Charlie’s Angels.

Since his portrayal in To All the Boys, the actor has become the poster boy for teen romances. He even starred in a separate Netflix teen comedy, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. But in real life, Centineo might be more romantic than any of his characters.

Noah Centineo is a real-life romantic

In 2018, Centineo went on a “date” with a reporter from The Cut. During the rendezvous, Centineo was the perfect gentleman, taking the reporter to the aquarium and recreating scenes from To All the Boys. “I’ve always played the love interest. I’ve trained for it for a while. These roles are just molds I can pour myself into,” Centineo revealed. The actor went on to say why he feels people are so drawn to his films.

“People love love. I think these are just great examples of feel-good films, how could you not like something that makes you feel good?” the actor explained. The Swiped star continued that he’s a very deep romantic and likes to be in relationships. “I don’t know — I’m [expletive] so romantic. Like, such a romantic — it’s not even funny. I can’t help it. I swear to God, like, every day, the majority of my day is sentimental. You know, I’m thinking about past relationships I’ve been in, how I miss them so much or what I would do different, or why I wanna be with them again, or just moments I’d like to go back to or I know why I shouldn’t go back, and then you know, it’s just constantly love, love, love,” the star divulged.

And how did the actor get so good at flirting? It’s all thanks to astrology, since he’s a Taurus and Tauruses are, of course, ruled by Venus. “That means a couple things: one, like I need a lot of nurturing, and two, Venus is love, I’m ruled by love,” Noah Centineo told the reporter during their outing. Even if you don't believe in astrology or star signs, it's hard not to swoon at such a romantic!