Jordan Loewe’s court filing to formally change the name of the son she shares with ex Track Palin has members of his famous family concerned for his mental health, has exclusively learned.

Loewe recently petitioned the Alaska Superior Court to change her and Track’s 3-year-old son’s name from Charlie Mitchell Palin to Charlie Mitchell Kramer – effectively dropping Track’s last name and connection to his side of the family.

“The Palins don’t like what she’s done, but they also don’t know what to do. They aren’t surprised anymore,” a source told Radar. “They’re just worried about what this could do to Track, because this could set him back.”

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As Radar has reported, Track, 30, and his 27-year-old ex-girlfriend Loewe have had a contentious relationship in the past.

In January 2016, Track was arrested after he allegedly attacked Jordan and threatened to shoot himself. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

Loewe discovered she was pregnant with Track’s son just months later, in March 2016.

In September 2018, police arrested Track again after he allegedly hit his baby mama in front of their son. He was sentenced to spend one year in custody.

But family members say since then, Track has been working hard to turn his life around. The news of a name change, they claim, blindsided the son of former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. And they are worried he could relapse into his former bad behavior.

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“They’re encouraged. So the news about his infant son isn’t good,” the source confessed. “Track wants to see his son every weekend, but Jordan blocks him. Her family simply doesn’t like him.”

But in the legal filing, Loewe claims Track does not pay any child support or alimony and is essentially an absentee father.

“Charlie does not see or know his father,” Loewe claimed in the legal filing, noting, “Charlie and I live with my family members, whose last name is Kramer. Other than myself, this is the family raising Charlie and I believe Charlie deserves the last name of our family.”

According to Loewe, the boy’s current last name “has many negative affiliations” that “have already created problems” for the boy.

A hearing regarding the name-change petition has been set for March 17.