Coronavirus: Marathon runner under lockdown runs 50km in his living room_1

China's restrictive rules to combat the coronavirus outbreak have trapped many of its residents indoors – and for one creative marathon runner, he's made the most of his newly-confined way of life.

Amateur runner Pan Shancu, from the coastal city of Hangzhou, could not stomach the prospect of forgoing his favourite hobby for weeks on end, as his country fights to control the flu-like virus' spread.

Although Pan is a Chinese medicine health therapist during the day, he's no scrub as a marathoner – posting a two-hours 59-minute personal best.

“Yes, one lap is about 8 metres – I ran 50km, and did it in 4:48:44, sweated all over, feels great!”, he wrote in a now-viral post, complete with video documenting his laps and running data.

Pan is one of roughly 25 million Chinese people who actively take up running, and follows others who have improvised indoors, as his country treats more than 14,000 cases of coronavirus. 

The South China Morning Post reported another runner crafted a course throughout her entire flat that started in "in the kitchen, go through the living room, turn into my daughter’s room, the less than 20m-long racecourse has beautiful scenery and on my left my husband’s snoring is cheering me on, goji berry tea from the living room table is my mid-route nutritional supply".