Courteney Cox Trying To Get Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Back Together?_1

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Is Courteney Cox really trying to get Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt back together? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to Star, Cox is more enthusiastic than anyone about Aniston and Pitt’s recent reunion at the SAG Awards, during which they were photographed sharing a hug backstage. To back up its claims, the tabloid notes that Cox liked several posts on social media about the former spouses. That much is true, but the rest of the outlet’s phony story is not.

“Courteney can’t stop talking about it,” a supposed source tells the publication. “She’s been telling friends that not only is Jen getting back with Brad, but a marriage is on the horizon.” The alleged insider goes on to say that Cox has been hoping the two would rekindle their romance since Pitt attended Aniston’s birthday party last year. “She observed a calmer, more together, more sober guy,” says the suspicious tipster. “And she’d like to see her friend back in the arms of the man she once loved.”

Cox might have liked a bunch of tweets and Instagram posts involving Pitt and Aniston's run-in at the SAG Awards, but that doesn't mean she's working to get them back together. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who tells us the tabloid's story is made up. Cox seems to appreciate that her former Friends co-star is friendly with her ex-husband again, but she's not pushing for a renewed romance.

It's also interesting for the tabloid to say that Cox is only trying to get the ex-spouses back together. Back in 2018, Gossip Cop called out Star for wrongly reporting that Pitt and Aniston were having a baby after rekindling their romance. What happened to that ridiculous scenario? Well, it was never a reality – so the magazine started ignoring it altogether.

Gossip Cop has also had to debunk plenty of bogus stories about Cox's own love life. Back in November, the magazine falsely claimed Cox was in a "blossoming romance" with Matthew Perry. In reality, the actress is still dating longtime boyfriend Johnny McDaid.

Gossip Cop also busted Life ' Style – a sister outlet of both tabloids mentioned above – for alleging that Cox and Aniston had a falling out because Cox was still friendly with Justin Theroux. In addition to being fabricated, the story made no sense – as Aniston is friendly with her second ex-husband as well. For better or worse, the gossip media enjoys using the men in Aniston's life and tying them into her friendship with Cox.