NASA sweeps away misinformation over broomstick challenge_1

It started with a solitary tweet on Monday, declaring: "NASA said today was the only day a broom can stand up on its own because of the gravitational pull … I didn't believe it at first but OMG!"

Then came the photos and videos.

Hundreds upon hundreds of them.

The hype was so fanatical, the frenzy eventually trended on Twitter under the hashtag #BroomstickChallenge.

It prompted celebrities and national institutions to get in on the craze.

"Did you do the broomstick challenge yesterday?" Noble asks.

"Well, it turns out, you can do it again today."

And here's why.

Brooms can stand on their ends because their centre of gravity falls so low, due to its heavy bottom and wide base of bristles that can support its weight.

The craze itself stemmed from an old wives' tale that first circulated early last decade, that suggested eggs can only stand on their ends during equinoxes – or when the planet is perfectly aligned.

Again, it reeks of fake news.

So rest assured, broom-havers – you can pull out this little party trick at any time.

Go ahead, try it right now.