Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s attorney said plea negotiations related to the Jersey Shore star’s criminal case in L.A. stalled because ex Jennifer Harley said she plans to file a lawsuit, can exclusively report.

Lisa Bloom, Harley’s attorney, fired back and said the social media model is within her right to sue Ortiz-Magro if the domestic violence assault case filed against the reality T.V. star isn’t resolved soon!

In a motion filed on Tuesday, Feb. 11, Leonard Levine, Ortiz-Magro’s attorney, said Harley recently made “monetary demands” to settle a potential civil case that she planned to file against his client.

This new development “has further complicated plea negotiations in this case,” Levine added in his declaration.

Not So Fast! Ronnie's Plea Negotiations In Domestic Violence Case Stalled Amid Jen's Plan To File Lawsuit_1

Judge Demands Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Stop Contacting Ex Jen Harley Amid Domestic Violence Case

Ortiz-Magro had a pretrial hearing on Tuesday, but was not in court. Levine, who appeared for the 34-year old, asked the judge for more time so they could further investigate the case. In his declaration, Levine also said information about prior domestic incidents involving both his client and Harley are needed before a resolution could be made in the criminal case.

As Radar readers know, Ortiz-Magro pleaded not guilty in November, 2019 to seven misdemeanor counts, including corporal injury to a spouse or intimate partner, brandishing a firearm or deadly weapon, willful child endangerment, false imprisonment and two counts of resisting arrest and criminal threats.

Prosecutors allege Ortiz-Magro allegedly physically attacked his on-and-off girlfriend, threatened her with a knife and locked himself in the house with 1-year-old daughter Ariana Sky, while carrying the knife.

Not So Fast! Ronnie's Plea Negotiations In Domestic Violence Case Stalled Amid Jen's Plan To File Lawsuit_2

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Files Emergency Restraining Order Against Ex-Jen Harley

On Tuesday, the judge agreed to continue the hearing, but also told Levine to make sure Ortiz-Magro stops contacting Harley.

Lisa Bloom, who was in court on Tuesday with Harley, said her client has not yet filed a civil suit against Ortiz-Magro, but added, “Every domestic violence victim has the right to sue her batterer to compensate her for her medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. We intend to fight for full and complete justice for Jen if this case is not resolved soon.”

The judge ordered Ortiz-Magro to return to court next month.