Jennifer Aniston is so impressed with Brad Pitt now that he’s sober she’s willing to consider giving up the booze, has exclusively learned.

“Jen and a lot of her friends were skeptical, but now that they’ve experienced Brad’s sobriety in the flesh, a hard truth has come over Jen: She has to give up alcohol if she’s going to have any hope of rekindling their relationship,” an insider revealed.

“That’s a lot easier said than done, because booze is a big part of her everyday life and she longs for that martini at the end of a hard day,” noted the source.

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As Radar previously reported, Pitt, 56, quit drinking alcohol in the aftermath of his meltdown involving eldest son Maddox while flying with his family on a private jet in 2016.

“I just saw it as a disservice to myself, as an escape,” Pitt recently said of quitting the bottle thanks to help from his friend and fellow actor Bradley Cooper

He gushed that “every day’s been happier ever since” the life-changing decision.

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The source said while Aniston, who turned 51 on Tuesday, February 11, has not let drinking “impact her figure, because she works out so hard and eats super healthy,” the actress is open to the possibility of going without so she can spend more time with Pitt.

“Brad can’t really be around it without getting uncomfortable,” the insider told Radar, insisting,  “If Jen chooses Brad, she’s going to have to find other ways to unwind — end of story.”