Naomi Watts Begging Nicole Kidman To Save Her Career?_1

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Naomi Watts is not begging Nicole Kidman for a career-saving acting job, despite a bogus tabloid story this week. The rumor is totally made up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

The National Enquirer claims that a “frantic” Watts, “scrambling to save her flagging career,” is “begging” Kidman for help finding roles. In its typical melodramatic fashion, the tabloid cites “spies” who allege that after “snubbing” her friend for years, Watts is now “crawling back” to Kidman “with her tail between her legs.” The supposed source further contends that Watts is asking for help connecting her with other Hollywood bigwigs like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Gossip Cop can confirmed there's no truth to this story. There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, we checked in with a source close to the situation, who assures us Watts has in no way asked Kidman to help her get roles. Second of all, we have no idea what the tabloid means when it accuses Watts of “snubbing” Kidman in recent years. The two actresses are famously close friends, with W Magazine even referring to them as “a power couple like no other” in 2018. What in the world is the Enquirer talking about?

Third, and perhaps most importantly, Watts doesn't need any help getting roles. The actress has three different upcoming films so far in 2020: Boss Level, Once Upon a Time in Staten Island, and Penguin Bloom. The latter two of those movies she’s even producing. Penguin Bloom is also being produced by Pacific Standard, a production company owned by Reese Witherspoon – one of the stars Watts is supposedly “begging” Kidman to put her in touch with. It’s clear the star needs no assistance with her job, even from her best friend. Tabloids like the Enquirer simply have no real understanding of their subjects’ lives.

As longtime stars of Hollywood, both Kidman and Watts have each had to endure their own rumor mills over the years. Gossip Cop recently busted Star for writing a phony story about Kidman and another one of her famous friends. The magazine claimed Kidman was trying to set up Bombshell co-star Charlize Theron with a Nashville man. And earlier this week, Woman’s Day reported totally imaginary troubles between Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban.

Watts has also had her share of fictitious relationship drama within the pages of the tabloids – many of them involving the aforementioned Jennifer Aniston. Over the past few years, Gossip Cop has debunked rumors of love triangles between Watts, her boyfriend Billy Crudup and Aniston, as well as between Watts, Aniston and her ex-husband Justin Theroux. As usual, these publications would rather invent salacious and insulting stories than report actual facts.