Did Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Divorce Over Selena Gomez Last Year?_1

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Last year, a tabloid reported that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were getting a divorce after only 139 days of marriage over Selena Gomez. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor at the time and debunked it. A year later, having just released a limited YouTube series following their life together, Bieber and Baldwin are still going strong, proving that we were right to doubt the tabloid’s bogus story from the beginning.

OK! reported last year that Baldwin was ready to “pull the plug” on her marriage with Bieber over a recent revelation that he was still in contact with Gomez. According to a source who spoke with the outlet, Gomez and Bieber had an emotional secret meet up where Bieber admitted getting married was “a big mistake.” When Baldwin supposedly found out about this secret meeting, she “was livid and ultimately decided she wanted out of the marriage,” if this so-called “source” is to be believed.

There were several red flags that stood out when Gossip Cop first investigated this story. For starters, this “tipster” has unending knowledge of what was said during Bieber’s secret meeting with Gomez, plus all the details on Baldwin’s reaction. Furthermore, in the week before this article was published, Baldwin celebrated her husband’s new clothing launch on Instagram, calling herself a “proud wifey.” A woman supposedly on the brink of divorcing her husband probably wouldn’t call herself that.

Gossip Cop also reached out to Bieber’s rep, who’s far more reliable than an anonymous source. We were told the story was “complete nonsense.” In the year since the outlet pushed this story, Bieber and Baldwin married again in a religious ceremony last September, so it’s safe to say the tabloid’s claims are still wrong.

OK! has a habit of getting the story wrong when it comes to Bieber and Baldwin’s marriage. Just last month, the gossip rag claimed that Bieber’s health issues were pushing Baldwin to a “breaking point.” A questionable tipster told the publication, “Their friends are worried that Hailey’s feeling so stressed and suffocated that she might even decide to leave him.” The outlet wasn’t correct when they predicted that the couple was headed for divorce last year, and this new claim was equally wrong. Gossip Cop pointed out that both Bieber and Baldwin made posts gushing over each other in the weeks leading up to the date this piece was published. This tabloid seems clueless when it comes to accurately reporting on Baldwin and Bieber.