Danielle's Ex-Husband Marty Slams Melissa Gorga For Talking About Her For Attention_1

Danielle Staub‘s ex-husband Marty Caffrey has slammed Melissa Gorga, saying she picks on Danielle to get herself some The Real Housewives of New Jersey attention!

Marty told All About The Tea in a new interview about how he feels that former RHONJ star Danielle has propped up Melissa.

After Melissa took credit for wrecking Danielle and Teresa Giudice‘s friendship, Marty claimed to the website, “Because the (RHONJ) cast have no storylines, they have to revert to invoking Danielle in some form or another. Melissa even recently took credit for ruining Danielle and Teresa’s friendship.”

“That may be the highpoint of the season for Melissa,” he snarked.

Marty, who had a nasty split from Danielle but has recently been in her corner, previously declared that other RHONJ stars owe Danielle their paychecks!

As Reality Tea first reported last year, Danielle’s former husband Marty defended her, stoking rumors the two are back together.

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Marty agreed with a fan’s social media comment about Danielle’s reality TV importance, replying of the remaining RHONJ stars, “They all owe their paychecks and careers to @danielle_staub when they really think about it. There’s a reason she was Andy [Cohen]’s first guest [on Watch What Happens Live] and Teresa wasn’t.”

Marty added, “Even today they all have to constantly invoke Danielle to be relevant when she’s not even there to stand up for herself. Without her, do any of them have a storyline to this day?”

Danielle responded to her ex, “Awww thank you @marty_caffrey for speaking on my behalf. Truly Means a lot!”

RadarOnline.com exclusively reported how the former RHONJ star split from her man Marty after just two months of marriage in 2018.

Their breakup was bitter and Danielle went on to get engaged to Oliver Maier, but they called it quits after Frenchman Maier’s wild pre-wedding video last year.

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Now Marty has loyally told All About The Tea, “The show’s existence now is based on everyone using Danielle’s life story and trying to turn it into their own story. When things get boring they revert to something about Danielle. Usually something regurgitated over and over again.”

Marty has charged that no one on RHONJ has a storyline “that anybody gives a s*** about. Except Teresa whose husband is facing deportation.”