50 Cent And Wendy Williams Finally Make Peace After She Gushes Over Him On Her Show: '50 I Love You' – Check Out His Response!_1

Has it finally happened? Are 50 Cent and Wendy Williams burying the hatchet after such a long feud? It seems so!

The talk show host not only promoted a show that the rapper is producing but Wendy even went as far as to gush over 'legendary' 50 Cent and say she ‘loves’ him!

In response, he called her ‘nice!’ What is happening here?

It appears that Wendy was the one who wanted to make peace with 50 so instead of slamming him or anything like that, she went ahead to kill him with kindness and it worked!

To mark Black History Month, she discussed Isaac Wright Jr., who was sentenced to life in prison wrongfully, back in 1991.

During his time behind bars however, he started studying law, appealed his case and ended up winning!

In 2017, Isaac started practicing law in New Jersey and Wendy mentioned that ‘his story is being told, it’s being produced by my friend and my co-star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the legendary 50 Cent is producing his story for ABC.’

Is this opposite day? Because no one would actually label 50 Cent as Wendy Williams’ ‘friend!’

Judging by all his disses and insults thrown at her on social media, anyone would think he is far from that.

But that was not even all! The host went on to address the rapper directly, adding: ‘Isaac, I honor you and 50, I love you.’

She even smiled and made a heart with her hands when she said that, taking viewers by surprise.

Obviously, that was an olive branch that 50 himself was taken aback by.

After so many years of cruelly dragging and mocking her online, 50 posted that section of her show and wrote in the caption: ‘👀How the f**k did this happen 😳🤦‍♂️ok i’m not going to argue with wendy anymore that was nice.’