Jameela Jamil Praises Taylor Swift For Revealing Eating Disorder Struggle – It's Going To ‘Help Her Young Followers’_1

Jameela Jamil is not only known for starring in The Good Place but also for being very vocal about body positivity. That being said, when Taylor Swift decided to open up about her own struggle with an eating disorder, the actress could not help but praise her.

Here’s what she had to say!

Jameela explained that she is actually very grateful the superstar singer bravely opened up since Taylor’s story will undoubtedly ‘help her young followers.’

But the love is seemingly mutual since Taylor praised Jameela for ‘the way she speaks about body image’ while promoting her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana.

And now, during a Zumba Fitness event, Jameela chatted with HollywoodLife, an interview during which the actress also praised the other woman for admitting she struggles with an eating disorder.

‘I was just very sad to know that she’s been going through that her whole life, but I was glad for my words to have been something that really helped her and I thank her for using every press opportunity she has had to highlight my work because we do not know each other.’

The actress went on: ‘She does not have to highlight my work. She could easily say that she came up with these things on her own, but for her to highlight the I-Weigh movement's incredibly cool of her. I am just so grateful she’s talking about her own experience, because it can really help lots of her young followers identify the eating issues they have, I think it is really important.’

Jameela also called Taylor ‘smart’ for the way she always calls things out clearly, making them obvious to everyone else.

‘I’m really grateful for all of her work,’ she sweetly added.

There is clearly so much mutual love and respect between these two women while they strive to make the world a better place and that's all so great to see!