Priscilla Presley is in the fight of her life in a health nightmare involving aging and memory loss, as exclusively revealed.

Elvis‘ former wife, now 74, met her world famous husband when she was just a teen and has propped up the rocker’s estate and their troubled only child, daughter Lisa Marie, for years.

But recently, Graceland’s queen has confided to close friends that she’s worried about losing her memory and often gets confused, sources told Radar.

“Priscilla has started to forget things, misplace items and use wrong words or leave gaps in sentences that trail off to nowhere,” an insider said. “She’s been having to slow down a lot recently.”

The former Dallas beauty is also caring for her ailing mother, Ann Lillian Wagner-Beaulieu. Priscilla’s mom’s husband died in January 2018 and she’s now living with Presley at her Beverly Hills mansion, according to the source.

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The insider continued: “Her daughter Lisa Marie’s divorce has also taken its toll and sometimes Priscilla doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going.”

But Priscilla’s life has been loaded with scandals, including the fact that she was just 14 when she met Elvis and he groomed her to be his perfect wife.

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Still, the marriage was unhappy and after years of Elvis cheating on her, she left him for karate teacher Mike Stone.

Fans were shocked when Priscilla turned to the controversial Scientology religion, devoting much time and money to the Church.

She married her second husband, boytoy Marco Garibaldi, but that union also ended in divorce.

Since then, Priscilla has struggled with her daughter’s problems as she’s also dated various famous men.

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