13 Fashion Scandals Of The Royal Family_1

The royal family has had their fair share of scandals. Being a royal means there are fashion rules that must be followed — with some being more obvious than others. For example, it was a bold move when Princess Beatrice wore an outlandish fascinator hat to William and Kate’s wedding. However, when Meghan Markle caused a minor stir for not wearing a name tag to an event and for wearing jeans to Wimbledon, it left many Americans scratching their heads. Even Kate Middleton isn’t safe from a royal fashion scandal, which she discovered when she wore a controversial color to a red carpet event.

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Some of the royal fashion scandals actually make the royal family seem more down-to-earth. When the Duchess of Sussex accidentally left the tag on her dress, many people could sympathize. Fans love it when Middleton recycles a dress for a public outing or breaks royal protocol and wears wedges (which the Queen hates) instead of heels. From Pippa Middleton’s bootylicious dress to Prince Harry’s bold costume, get the scoop on 13 of the royal family’s most controversial outfits.

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