The 22 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Anxiety Attacks_1

A panic attack can strike celebrities in the same way that they can debilitate us. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million American adults have been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorders. Here are 22 celebrities who have not only experienced panic attacks and anxiety but have bravely spoken about their experiences. Their hope is that the millions who are affected by this disorder can get the help that they desperately need.

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Discussing challenges like these has always been a huge help for anyone suffering with any kind of mental disorder. But when you are in the public eye — especially a Hollywood star — the reality is that unspoken stigmas exist for casting directors, studio heads and everyone in between. Therefore, admitting to a panic or anxiety disorder could cause concern for one’s career.

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These 22 celebrities who have spoken up about their panic offer priceless insight into what brought it on, how it felt and, most importantly, what tools they have learned to go from anxious to calm. Take a deep breath and prepare to join Oscar winner Emma Stone, Grammy winner Ariana Grande and reality stars like Kendall Jenner, as they open up and share the details of their panic attacks.