Meghan Markle Met With Tom Cruise To Plot Hollywood Comeback?_1

(New Idea)

Meghan Markle did not meet with Tom Cruise to ask him to help her make a Hollywood comeback. The cover story on a tabloid is deceptive and false. Gossip Cop can explain.

The latest cover of New Idea has a photo of what appears to be Markle and Cruise walking together, with the bold headline, “Meghan Busted With Tom Cruise!” The headline implies there could be something going on between the two behind Prince Harry’s back. Inside, there is a two-page spread with the headline: "Tom and Meghan’s Hollywood Takeover Plan!" It’s at best a misleading headline and at worse an out-and-out fabrication.

While the headline and the photo seem to suggest the two are either having an affair or have decided to team up to restart Markle’s acting career, the article is 100 percent speculative. It’s filled with unsubstantiated conjecture from supposed “insiders” saying, “Meghan and Harry already move in the same circles as other A-listers, such as George and Amal Clooney. Therefore, it’s almost inevitable that Meghan and Harry will soon cross paths with Tom and rub shoulders with his elite circle.” Despite breathless headlines purporting the two have already been “caught” together, the article doesn’t actually say they have.

The tabloid throws in all sorts of ridiculous ideas, like Cruise helping Markle “raise her profile in the upper echelons of Hollywood” with his “superstar clout” and “his Scientology connections.” The outlet goes on to quote Markle’s estranged half-brother, Tom Markle, Jr. as saying, “I’ve always known Meghan wasn’t going to give up Hollywood.” The Duchess of Sussex’s brother also says he believes she'll buy a house in Los Angeles with Prince Harry. Tom Markle’s words should be taken with a grain of salt, however, as the half-siblings have not been close in recent years and Tom Jr. wasn’t even invited to her wedding to Prince Harry.

The most egregious example of the tabloid’s misleading and dishonest reporting, however, is the photo on the cover. The purported picture of the two stars walking and talking is actually photoshopped from two separate occasions. A Japanese outlet published a photo of Markle in 2017 with a caption explaining she was in Spain. The photo of Cruise comes from even earlier, when he was on the set of his movie American Made in 2015. They were not together when either of the old photos was snapped – two years apart.

It’s no surprise this tabloid would invent a story involving these two. Markle and Cruise are both often in the pages of the magazine. Two weeks ago, New Idea alleged Markle and Prince Harry had secretly split up 83 days earlier. Gossip Cop debunked that false report by showing it used the same kind of deceptive tactics, with a headline claiming were living apart, but inside saying they were trying to save the marriage. Neither assertion was true.

In August, the tabloid purported that Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes secretly met to discuss Cruise. The article alleged the actor's two ex-wives met up at a Broadway show to gossip about him. Gossip Cop poked so many holes in the ridiculous story, it looked like Swiss cheese. For one, Cruise's exes saw the show on completely different nights.