Did Jennifer Lopez Dump Alex Rodriguez For Ex-Husband Ben Affleck?_1

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A tabloid reported that Jennifer Lopez was planning to dump Alex Rodriguez to get back together with her ex-husband Ben Affleck last year. Gossip Cop looked into the report at the time and determined that it was false. Looking back on this rumor in present day makes it go from plain wrong to outright ridiculous.

Exactly 365 days ago, NW published a story claiming that Lopez was dumping Rodriguez for Affleck. An unnamed tipster told the outlet, “There’s always been a sense of unfinished business for both of them, and there’s no denying there’s a big attraction that’s never gone away. Jennifer reached out to Ben some time ago for a ‘business chat,’ and things just progressed from there.”

The seemingly all-knowing source claimed that the “business chat” soon turned into the former couple “hanging out in private houses and discreet five-star restaurants for lunch and dinner dates.” Meanwhile, according to the so-called insider, Lopez’s relationship with Rodriguez was “hanging by a thread.” After cutting her losses with the former Yankee, Lopez “would want to follow her romance with A-Rod with something similarly high-profile, since she loves the limelight and the status boost,” the suspicious tipster told the publication.

Lopez wasn't the only part of the love triangle looking for more than love from the alleged new romance. “It would be a huge morale and ego boost for Ben, too, since [ex-wife] Jennifer Garner has moved on with her own boyfriend,” the insider reported. Next on Lopez and Affleck’s plate? The supposedly reunited couple planned “to find a project they can star in, so they can spend plenty of time together, and take things from there.”

In order to bust this bogus rumor, all Gossip Cop really had to do was wait. The whole story fell apart once Rodriguez popped the question in March 2019 and Lopez said yes. It didn’t help the publication’s case that in the meantime between publication and the engagement announcement, Lopez and Rodriguez continued to act as in love as they’ve been since the beginning of their relationship.

NW has a terrible track record when it comes to reporting the truth about Jennifer Lopez’s personal life. A few months back, the outlet claimed that Lopez was too muscular for her wedding dress. Gossip Cop had a hard time believing this story, so we reached out to a source close to Lopez. They were able to confirm our suspicion that this tale was total fiction. No wedding date has been set, and there aren't too many brides out there who buy their wedding gown so far in advance.

Before that, NW published an article reporting that Lopez and Rodriguez were adopting a baby from Puerto Rico. Based on Lopez’s busy schedule, which she's admitted slows down the wedding planning process, Gossip Cop determined this rumor to be totally false. If Lopez was too busy to plan a wedding, there's no way she'd have enough time to care for a newborn. This outlet really has no clue what’s going on when it comes to reporting on the star.