Father of nine Mel Gibson, who is in the midst of a comeback with the announcement that his big-budget sequel to The Passion of the Christ will come out next year, can’t seem to run away from his sleazy past!

Blond actress Diana Alouise has come forward to reveal that Gibson was a nonstop sex machine during their passionate four-month affair — while he was married to wife Robyn Moore Gibson.

What’s more, the knockout claimed the two made love dozens of times — and he never used protection.

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Alouise also charged Gibson invited her to go back to his home after the two met at a party in 1988. He gave her his address and she drove to Gibson’s apartment, where he was outside waiting for her.

“When Mel saw me, he jumped on the hood of my Porsche, and told me to head to a parking lot!” now 61-year-old Diana told RadarOnline.com. “So, I drove on with him clinging to my car for dear life! It was hilarious!”

The pair ended up drinking beer in Gibson’s home while watching his movie Mad Max and then hopped into bed — where they made love four times without protection.

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“It seemed really natural,” recalled Alouise. “He was such a sweet and funny guy, and a caring lover.”

While Gibson, now 64, admitted he planned to have another child with his wife Robyn, their affair continued.

“Looking back, it was maybe not the best thing to do but I just went with the flow,” said Alouise.

Gibson did not respond to a request for comment.