Courteney Cox Shows She Wants Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston To Reunite As Well By Liking A Lot Of The Posts About Them At The SAG Awards!_1

It sounds like Courteney Cox, just like many others, is a huge supporter of her BFF, Jennifer Aniston and her ex, Brad Pitt getting back together and she has no plans of hiding it! After the former married couple had their super sweet SAG Awards reunion captured on camera, Courteney proceeded to double tap several posts about their moment!

While people have been wishing for Jen and Brad to give their romance another chance for years, their time together backstage at the SAG Awards only made people even more desperate to see them back together!

After all, the photos showed the two being all smiles as they looked each other straight in the eyes and held each other close.

With that being said, it makes sense that diehard shippers have been going out of their minds with excitement over the interaction but users did not expect Aniston’s closest friend to be so transparent when it comes to her own stance on the topic.

Cox was definitely not being subtle at all when she decided to ‘like’ a number of posts about the awards show moment between Aniston and Pitt.

And there was a lot to like, both literally and figuratively!

The actor duo managed to pretty much break the internet so there were countless posts about their sweet embrace backstage but it was also a really nice reunion to see.

Fans were quick to notice that Cox took to her account and proceeded to like quite a lot of posts about her former Friends co-star and her former husband she divorced in 2005.

The pics showed the exes with awards in hand, chatting and smiling at the event.

They were simply beaming, probably both because they were happy to see each other and that they were walking home with statuettes as recognition for their hard work and talent in the year that just passed.