Nicole Kidman Warns Jennifer Lopez To Stay Away From Keith Urban?_1

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Did Nicole Kidman really warn Jennifer Lopez to stay away from Keith Urban? That’s what one of the tabloids wants readers to believe. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story.

According to Woman’s Day, Kidman was “downright frosty” towards Lopez at the Critics’ Choice Awards last week. “Nic definitely feels uncomfortable around her,” an alleged source tells the publication. “You could feel the tension in the air.” The reason? The outlet alleges that Kidman and Urban nearly split back in 2014 over his “flirty behavior” with Lopez on the set of American Idol.

“They had some rafter-shaking arguments about Keith and J.Lo, and Nic’s evidently not over it,” adds the supposed insider. “You can’t blame her. All the pictures of Keith and J.Lo snuggled up together, bantering and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears would have stung Nicole.”

Lopez is happily engaged to Alex Rodriguez, but the suspicious tipster maintains that Kidman made it clear she’s still keeping an eye on her. “Nic made a couple of pointed remarks within earshot of Jennifer, saying she was glad Keith wasn’t here or she’d have to keep him on a leash with J.Lo around.” The seemingly phony source adds, “You can tell she wasn’t joking, and Jen got her point loud and clear. Jennifer can’t believe Nicole is holding a grudge over some harmless flirting six years ago.”

Before we present the photographic evidence of why this story is bogus, we should mention that the “insider” refers to Lopez as “J.Lo,” “Jennifer” and “Jen” within the span of a few sentences. Which one is it? Also, how does this one “source” know how both Kidman and Lopez feel about the situation?

Regardless, Kidman and Lopez were pictured having a very friendly chat at the Critics’ Choice Awards last week. There was one photo of the two actresses laughing together, and another of the duo with their arms around each other. They also posed for a picture together at the ceremony, which Gossip Cop used as the main image above. Those photos tell the accurate story – Kidman and Lopez are friendly and likely got to know each other while the singer was judging American Idol with Urban.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms the magazine's report is nonsense. This idea that the Bombshell star has jealousy issues is a recurring them in Woman's Day. In September, we debunked a very similar story about Kidman warning Taylor Swift to stay away from Urban. In November, the tabloid made up a story about Kidman being suspicious of Urban's relationship with Miranda Lambert. Lopez is simply the latest target in an ongoing and fictional narrative.